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DIY Affordable Honey Processing 101

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Honey processing is a bit overwhelming for the beginner and this course will help newer beekeepers with lessons learned, how to's and even what not to do's. In this 101 course the picture gallery and video below show a cost effective / affordable way to process and extract your honey.

 Key Concepts:

  • How to keeping a clean processing environment
  • Setting up honey processing operation
  • Putting equipment on casters
  • Cost effective uncapping setup
  • Cold knife uncapping
  • How to best use a capping scratcher
  • Cost effective extractor stand setup
  • Spinning out your honey:
    • is direction of spin important?
    • does it matter how frames are put in the extractor?
    • how fast?
    • how long?

After this video you should be ready to start processing your own honey...

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