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  • Flooded out hive in fence row

    Flash Flooded Apiary - Hives and Bees Lost

    I like to place bee yards close to rivers and streams because the bees have the water they need to raise brood and cool the hives and these aquatic corridors also offer a wealth of resources. They are a swath of ground full of wildflowers and trees all season long. It works well for me......most of the time. Friday, May Read More
  • Stacked honeybee hives

    Sweet Ants and Honeybees

    One of the most common pests in honey bee hives are sweet ants.  Most beekeepers see them under the cover and on top of the inner cover. Sometimes they are even under the tin on the cover. I have seen many beekeepers go a bit overboard trying to keep ants out of a hive. In our area of SW Missouri Read More
  • DIY Affordable Honey Processing 101

    Affordable DIY Honey Processing 101

       Honey processing is a bit overwhelming for the beginner and this course will help newer beekeepers with lessons learned, how to's and even what not to do's. In this 101 course the picture gallery and video below show a cost effective / affordable way to process and extract your honey. Read More
  • Inspecting a new package

    Week by week guideline for managing your new package of bees

    Getting your first package this spring? Here is a week by week guideline for managing your new package of bees through their first 8 weeks.   Read More
  • How to light a beekeeping smoker

    How To Light My Bee Smoker 101

       So many people ask us how we light our beekeeping smokers and keep them lit. This video will tell you how to light it, what fuel to use and how to keep it smoking all day long. Read More
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Our Philosophy

A Future With Bees is a Missouri based operation promoting locally bred “survivor” honeybees, natural beekeeping and protecting a future that includes honeybees! We believe that breeding better bees is the best long-term solution to our bee's health and longevity. We practice chemical free, sustainable apiary management. We happily pick up swarms anywhere in the Springfield, MO region. We also perform bee rescues where we remove unwanted bee colonies from houses, trees, building structures, or anywhere else! If you have bees, we can help!
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Each article linked below gives you a monthly look at what is going on inside your hives and what activities you should be thinking about.
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