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  • Honey bee swarm on the ground

    Easiest and Coolest Swarm Capture Ever - Springfield, MO

    The home owner had closed off the area with stakes and plastic ribbon. The air was filled with a lot of honeybees and we were concerned they were getting ready to leave. Apparently this swarm was here for 2 days before we finally got the call late on the 3rd day (two of those nights were in the cold low Read More
  • Left Winter Rim on to long

    Oops A Common Spring Mistake - I Left On My Winter Rim!

      There are many things that are important to do early in the spring. In an earlier article Preparing For Winter 101 we discussed activities and changes we make to our hives to help them survive the winter. One of those activities is to add a winter rim and that article included a reminder not to leave on your winter Read More
  • Inspecting a new package

    Week by week guideline for managing your new package of bees

    Getting your first package this spring? Here is a week by week guideline for managing your new package of bees through their first 8 weeks.   Read More
  • How to light a beekeeping smoker

    How To Light My Bee Smoker 101

       So many people ask us how we light our beekeeping smokers and keep them lit. This video will tell you how to light it, what fuel to use and how to keep it smoking all day long. Read More
  • Spring Planning Calendar

    DIY Spring Planning 101

      To Do List for Each Month: Planning Ahead At this time of year there are a lot of questions about what the beekeeper should be doing. We have been busy teaching the annual Bee School with our beekeeping club. As part of our efforts to prepare these new beekeepers we have prepared this month by month summary of what Read More
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Our Philosophy

A Future With Bees is a Missouri based operation promoting locally bred “survivor” honeybees, natural beekeeping and protecting a future that includes honeybees! We believe that breeding better bees is the best long-term solution to our bee's health and longevity. We practice chemical free, sustainable apiary management. We happily pick up swarms anywhere in the Springfield, MO region. We also perform bee rescues where we remove unwanted bee colonies from houses, trees, building structures, or anywhere else! If you have bees, we can help!
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Beekeepers Monthy Activity Calendar

Confused on what you should be doing each month?
Each article linked below gives you a monthly look at what is going on inside your hives and what activities you should be thinking about.
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