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Honey Bee News

Honey Bee
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  1. National Post

    There's no room for doubt: Pesticides are killing off bees and scientists want Canada to ban them
    National Post
    OTTAWA — A group of international scientists meets today to try to convince parliamentarians there is no longer any doubt that common agricultural pesticides are toxic chemicals which are killing off honey bees. In fact, says Jean-Marc Bonmatin of the ...
    No doubt common pesticides killing bees, scientists sayCTV News

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  2. AgWeb

    Some Positive Buzz about Honey Bee Numbers
    “We are making steady progress in our collective efforts to improve honey bee health; however, there remains much work to do to achieve a truly sustainable bee industry,” says Dick Rogers, Bayer North American Bee Care Program, principal scientist and ...

  3. Will Backyard Hives Save the Bees?
    The Weather Channel
    Honey bees tend to hog the spotlight (and sometimes the pollen and nectar), though, because they give us honey, and because they're actively managed by beekeepers who track the size and health of their colonies. When hives near neonic-treated crops ...

  4. Pesticide exposure leading to honeybee decline
    Frederick News Post (subscription)
    I was discouraged to read your recent article on honeybee declines, which cited mites as the No. 1 threat to honeybees and failed to mentioned a well-documented threat to these important pollinators, namely pesticide exposure. I would have expected ...

  5. Courthouse News Service

    California Regulator Dinged Over Pesticides' Approval
    Courthouse News Service
    “Data indicate that neonicotinoids are acutely toxic to honey bees and other pollinators; however, [the department] does not yet have sufficient scientifically robust data to support a regulatory action to implement additional mitigation measures, over ...

  6. Shawnee News Star

    Gardens of the Cross Timbers: Be kind to your bees
    Shawnee News Star
    Native bees tend to be solitary, nest in the ground or cavities in trees and other places, the adults live 2 to 6 weeks (males have shorter life spans) and they produce no honey. Their specialty is.... Reduce or eliminate pesticide and fungicide use ...

  7. Park Rapids Enterprise

    U of M researcher will share status of bee health
    Park Rapids Enterprise
    Frequently referred to as colony collapse disorder, this erosion of honey bee health has taken place on an enormous scale, affecting most of North America and parts of Europe. In addition, many native bees are in decline. The Rusty Patch bumble bee ...

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