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Honey Bee News

Honey Bee
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  1. Beekeepers Confront the E.P.A. Over Pesticides  The New York Times

    Leaders in the beekeeping industry have sued the environmental agency over its approval of the use of a pesticide that has harmed colonies.

  2. Bees are dying by the millions in Brazil and pesticides are to blame  Quartz

    Insecticides kill insects. It should be no surprise, then, that in Brazil, which has seen a 27% increase in pesticide sales since last year, roughly 500 million honey...

  3. Not just the bees, first-of-its-kind study shows neonics may be killing birds too  Salon

    Bees died en masse from Colony Collapse Disorder, now known to have originated from neonicotinoids. Are birds next?

  4. Pesticide criticized in bee deaths could also kill birds  ABC News

    Scientists studying a widely used pesticide say even small doses of the chemical can have crippling health effects on migrating birds, and it might be contributing...

  5. Beekeepers Petition Court To Block EPA Approval Of Bee-Killing Insecticide  HuffPost

    Beekeepers struggling with massive colony collapse petitioned a court Friday to block a decision by the Environmental Protection Agency allowing wider use of...

  6. Half a billion bees dead as Brazil approves hundreds more pesticides  Mongabay.com

    Exposure to pesticides containing neonicotinoids and fipronil caused the deaths of more than 500 million bees in four Brazilian states between December 2018...

  7. Bees dead Brazil: More than half a billion, 500 million, honey bees dropped dead in Brazil within 3 months — and environmentalists are worried  CBS News

    Lab research pointed to pesticides with neonicotinoids and fipronil — products banned in Europe — as the main cause of death.