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Honey Bee
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  2. Entomology Today

    Beyond the Honey Bee: How Pesticides Affect Solitary, Cavity-Nesting Bees
    Entomology Today
    Much of the research and media attention has focused on honey bees, but solitary bees face many of the same challenges: loss of habitat, parasites, disease, nutritional deficiencies, and exposure to pesticides. Unfortunately, we lack the baseline data ...

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  3. Genetic Literacy Project

    Honeybee population isn't 'crashing' and seed pesticides are not driving health problems—and here's why
    Genetic Literacy Project
    In recent years, articles on honeybees have often started with a sentence like this: “Populations of honeybees have crashed in recent years, and many researchers have pointed the blame at a class of widely used insecticides called neonicotinoids.” In ...

  4. Genetic Literacy Project

    Not just pesticides: Honeybee health impacted by habitat loss, nutrition, pathogens and more
    Genetic Literacy Project
    CCD at that time was a new phenomenon; suddenly whole hives of worker bees started disappearing, leaving behind a queen, plenty of food, and a few nurse bees. Ever since, scientists have been trying to figure out why. Larry Dapsis is entomologist for ...

  5. Michigan State University Extension

    Vegetable pesticide series: Should I use it during bloom?
    Michigan State University Extension
    This is complicated by sequential planting, season extension tools, cover crops and field rotations, all of which can contribute to long bloom periods and multiple critical periods when pollination is needed. Renting honey bee hives for an entire ...

  6. Science Daily

    Pesticides give bees a hard time -- ScienceDaily
    Science Daily
    Scientists have investigated the impact of a new pesticide on the honeybee. In high doses, it has a negative impact on the insects' taste and cognition ability.

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