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Honey Bee News

Honey Bee
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  1. Agricultural pesticide renders honey bees more susceptible to deadly parasitic infection, says research  FoodIngredientsFirst

    24 Apr 2019 --- A widely used agricultural neonicotinoid (pesticide) – also referred to as “neonic” – called clothianidin causes honey bees to become more...

  2. Australia's Native Bees Are In Trouble  10 daily

    The world's bee populations are in decline and Australia is no exception. But Australia's story isn't about the honey bee -- our native bees are the ones in trouble.

  3. National Sale of bee-killing insecticide up big time in Denmark  The Copenhagen Post - Danish news in english

    Imidacloprid is banned in the EU, but the Danes get dispensation. Sale of bee-killing insecticide up big time in Denmark.

  4. Study Findings on Pollinator Declines: Neonics Increase Honey Bee Vulnerability to Mites  Beyond Pesticides

    (Beyond Pesticides, April, 30, 2019) According to the latest blog post from pesticide industry propagandist Henry I Miller, the pollinator crisis either a) is not...

  5. We Don't Need To Ban Pesticides To Save Bees  The Federalist

    The 'bee-pocalypse' is mostly a myth, and neonic pesticides shouldn't become bogeymen when other types of pesticides would be much more harmful.

  6. Bees Exposed to Neonicotinoid Pesticide Become Hyperactive Before Crashing Out, Reducing Their Ability to Forage  Newsweek

    In a “bee treadmill” experiment, the pesticide reduced the length of time and distance that the insects could fly.