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Honey Bee News

Honey Bee
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  1. CBS News

    Honeybee crisis linked to common pesticide
    CBS News
    The bee hives in the Hungarian and British fields that used pesticide-treated seeds did worse surviving through the next winter, the researchers found. In Hungary, the honeybee colonies near treated fields had 24 percent fewer worker bees the next ...
    Controversial pesticides can decimate honey bees, large study findsScience Magazine
    First pan-European field study shows neonicotinoid pesticides harm honeybees and wild beesPhys.Org
    Exposure to neonic pesticides results in early death for honeybee workers and queensScience Daily
    Toronto Star -Science -Science -Bayer Bee Care
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  2. Collective Evolution

    Maryland Will Be The First US State To Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides For Consumer Use
    Collective Evolution
    Global bee populations are declining rapidly as a result of human impact on the environment, and there's been a lot of buzz about it (pardon the pun). You have Honey Nut Cheerio's launching advertising campaigns about protecting the bees, despite the ...

  3. EcoWatch

    Major New Study Shows Pesticide Risk to Honey Bees
    Scientists have found for the first time that neonicotinoid pesticides can harm honey bees in the real world. The major new study from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) found that pesticides called neonicotinoids can cause harm to bees, ...
    Syngenta and Bayer face pressure over pesticides after bee studySTLtoday.com
    Pesticides harm bee colonies, says studyBend Bulletin
    There's now very strong evidence we really are killing our bees...ScienceAlert
    Yahoo News -Bizcommunity.com -Genetic Literacy Project
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  4. Delmarva Public Radio

    Virginia Pesticide Plan to Safeguard Honey Bees
    Delmarva Public Radio
    It does not strengthen existing pesticide regulations. The plan stems from an Obama administration directive calling for a national strategy to safeguard pollinators. For more than a decade, bees and other pollinators have been rapidly declining ...
    New plan takes steps to protect Virginia's pollinatorsWSET
    State plan to protect honeybees goes into effectWAVY-TV

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  5. Reason

    How Capitalism Saved the Bees - Reason.com
    A decade after colony collapse disorder began, pollination entrepreneurs have staved off the beepocalypse.

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  6. Twin Falls Times-News

    Large study links key pesticide to weakened honeybee hives...
    Twin Falls Times-News
    WASHINGTON — A common and much-criticized pesticide dramatically weakens already vulnerable honeybee hives, according to a new massive field study in ...
    Pesticide May Be Causing Honeybee Deaths, Study ShowsImmortal News
    Large study links key pesticide to lowered honeybee hives | NRI...NriWorld

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  7. Genetic Literacy Project

    Emails Show Bayer and Syngenta Fought Scientists for Data on Bees Study
    Bayer and Syngenta repeatedly asked scientists to give them raw data on a major new study which found that neonicotinoid pesticides cause harm to bees before it was published, according to emails obtained under Freedom of Information (FOI) rules. Both ...
    Lead author of bees and neonicotinoids study: 'I don't appreciate' Bayer, Syngenta 'calling me a liar'Genetic Literacy Project

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