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Bee News

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  1. To save honey bees we need to design them new hives  Phys.Org

    Honey bees are under extreme pressure. The number of honey bee colonies in the US has been declining at an average rate of almost 40% since 2010.

  2. Male Honey Bees Temporarily Blind Queens With Their Semen so They Can't Mate Again  Newsweek

    The semen of male honey bees contains a poison that makes queens temporarily lose their sight after sex, in what scientists described as a "sexual arms race.".

  3. USDA will resume honeybee survey suspended this summer  WPMT FOX 43

    The US Department of Agriculture will resume data collection for its annual Honey Bee Colonies report on October 1 -- the start of a new fiscal year -- after...

  4. Seven simple things you can do to save the bees on National Honeybee Day  CNN

    Bee lovers are abuzz on National Honeybee Day, the time of year when we honor nature's hardest-working pollinator.

  5. Honey Bee Haven celebrating 10th anniversary  Daily Democrat

    The UC Davis Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven is celebrating its 10th anniversary later this month, but whether it will be around in the future is uncertain.

  6. Why male honeybees try to blind their queens  Mother Nature Network

    New research finds a protein in honeybee semen that makes the queen temporarily blind.

  7. Celebrate National Honey Bee Day by getting the buzz on their well-being  Appleton Post Crescent

    Honey bees and bumble bees come to most people's minds when we think of the critter, but there are actually close to 500 species of bees in Wisconsin.