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Bee News

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  1. Bee keepers warn not to kill honey bees nesting on your property  WSPA.com

    Every Spring bees swarm people's properties and build their hives, but honey bee keepers say don't spray.

  2. Honey a Sweet Treat for Israelis on World Honey Bee Day  http://hamodia.com

    Monday is World Honey Bee Day – a relatively new “holiday” being celebrated for only the second year in a row, and based on a 2017.

  3. Honey Bees Make Honey... and Bread? | Deep Look  KQED

    Every spring, honey bees trap, brush and pack pollen into baskets on their legs to make a special food called bee bread.

  4. The untapped potential of Africa's honey bees  BBC News

    In countries across Africa, honey bees could help protect wildlife, grow food and make money – so why aren't more people raising them?

  5. The bittersweet story of 'our greatest friend among the insects'  KUOW News and Information

    Human beings have spent millennia cultivating bee populations. In recent years, the plight of honey bees has made headline news. We've learned about their...

  6. Slight increase in US honey bee colonies and crop  IEG Vu

    The 2018 US honey crop from producers with five or more colonies increased by 2% to 152 million pounds and the honey bee colonies by 4% to 2.8 mln,...