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Bee News

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  1. Morgan Freeman Converted His 124-Acre Ranch Into A Giant Honeybee Sanctuary To Save The Bees  Forbes

    Morgan Freeman, the actor, film director and philanthropist has added a new title to his name: Beekeeper. The 81-year-old celebrity decided to convert his...

  2. Honey bee colonies more successful by foraging on non-crop fields  Phys.Org

    Honey bee colonies foraging on land with a strong cover of clover species and alfalfa do more than three times as well than if they are put next to crop fields of...

  3. Honeybee hives subject of March 28 lecture  Daily Globe

    OKOBOJI, Iowa — The inner-workings of a honeybee hive will be the subject of the final program in the Pollinator Spring Lecture Series, scheduled for 5:30 p.m....

  4. Should you raise honey bees? | Community  ECM Publishers

    I am fortunate to have a very large vegetable garden, a berry garden, and eight apple trees. (My wife tends to several flower gardens, as well.) Because of this, I.

  5. Bees change scent as they age  EarthSky

    A new study finds that honey bees develop different scent profiles as they age, and guard bees respond differently to returning foragers than to younger bees...

  6. Two-step path to shrinking worker bee gonads: Gene editing quickly reveals gene's necessary influence on nutrition's effect  Science Daily

    The dramatic difference in gonad size between honey bee queens and their female workers in response to their distinct diets requires the switching on of a...

  7. Latest ecological fake news scare: Like the 'honeybee armageddon' narrative, pesticide-driven 'insect-pocalypse' claim is collapsing  Genetic Literacy Project

    The 'bee-pocalypse' was an exaggerated fiction grounded in genuine concerns. The 'insect-pocalypse' is more of the same.