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Honey bees flying into the hive in slow motion



I absolutely love sitting by my bee hives and watching these wonderful busy ladies fly around arriving with legs full of pollen or bellies full of nectar. How they fly is just as exciting as when they land. When you know that a typical bee goes to 50 or more flowers before returning to the colony its just amazing watching their aerial acrobatics. This spring I got an Iphone 6 and the pic/video quality is amazing. I often use this quick camera for our activities around the hive. I found a feature that I didn't immediately see a use for in my daily activities until I used it to slow down the bees flying into the hive.

Wow - I cant get enough of watching these ladies fly. Below there are two slow motion videos: The first video is of bees flying into one of my honeybee hives on a normal day and the other one is taken on one of Jeffs hives when an impending storm forced the bees home in a very chaotic frenzy into the top entrance.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.