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 The Holiday Inn gave us a call about a huge group of honey bees near the entrace to the hotel on a rose bush. This was a pretty big swarm of bees and just to the right of the entrance to the hotel. The staff at the hotel was concerned that a guest would get stung and they did not want to injure any of their guests. We arrived to see the area blocked by barrier tape and nervous hotel staff that the bees were going to get them. On an interesting side note its amazing how many people who have never been stung say they are allergic.

In this case the bees were very docile and in the pics you will see Jeff putting his hand in the swarm to show them that the bees are not aggressive or wanting to sting anyone. We were able to very simply place a box under the swarm and shake them inside. We didnt have the option to leave the box till evening so that me could get all the bees but we still were able to get most of them into the hive. This colony is doing very well in their new home.


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