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Removing bees while working on a step ladder can be a challenge especially when the bees are snarky!

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 This south Springfield home has these wonderful covered patios that unfortunately were constructed with a big enough cavity to support a colony of honey bees. These bees were very defensive or “snarky” as we like to use in polite company.

One of the twists to this removal was the homeowners desire to begin beekeeping as a hobby. So we not only removed the bees but relocated them in a hive on their property. As a side note the bees continued to be snarky and eventually had to be re-queened. Life is too short to manage snarky bee hives LOL. One interesting note is we will be going back to this house to remove another colony of bees in another part of the patio. #savethebees #bees #afuturewithbees

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