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Open air honey bee hive

digital camera   

It’s unusual to find open air hives in southwest Missouri, mainly because the winters just don’t allow them to survive. They are usually swarms that stop trying to find a home in a cavity or tree and just build right where they land. This year we have dealt with three of them, two under overhangs on building and this one in a tree.

The biggest challenge here was the height of the colony in the tree. My little giant ladder is tall but it wasn’t tall enough for this tree. But with a little redneck ingenuity we made it work, lol, now I don’t advise this setup but we did use a lot of ratchet straps to secure the ladder and it was very stable.
After we had removed the colony we raised a NUC box with comb up by a rope and secured it to capture as many field bees as possible. 

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